Data migration

Data migration is the process that transfer data from one application to other application/platform.


  1. ANALYSIS : We understand your problem and provide you with best solution to migrate your data.13
  2. EXTRACT : We extract the data from the source so that further we can store and process data.
  3. CLEAN : We detect and correct the inaccurate data from your website.
  4. VALIDATE : We ensure that you website works on clean, correct and useful data.
  5. LOAD : After removing all the inconsistent data we load the correct data on your website.
  6. RECONCILE : We ensure consistency of data that is being loaded on your website.

How data migration is done

  1. After understanding and analyzing the configuration of website, extraction and cleaning of data is done.services-web
  2. We will test all the migration stages at unit level followed by entire migration.
  3. In third step, we will implement migration in stages using suitable methodologies.
  4. In fourth step, testing is done using a testing framework provided or created for the purpose.
  5. Finally, in the last correct data is loaded on the website.

Categories of migration

  1. Storage Migration : We can migrate block of data from one disk or tape to another.
  2. Database Migration : We can move from one database to another or to upgrade the version of the database.
  3. Application Migration : We can create application vender , i.e., CRM or ERP platform.
  4. Business Process Migration : It is the combination of human and application system actions. It may require transfer of data from one database , store or application to another.


Why we

  1. Our development team evaluates your online business objectives and offers 100% unique solutions tailored to meet your exact website requirements.23
  2. We guarantee customer satisfaction with 24X7 availability through seamless communication channels.
  3. We transfer or rewrite the out-of-date data to current data in such a way that they are so easy to navigate along with security.
  4. We believe in making relation with customer which are based on trust.