Server Administration

Server Administration

Server setup & security. OS, control panels and third party software installations.

Server administrator allow us to manage and monitor the performance of the server in company data centers.

Services Provided :

Server Setup and Security: We setup the server and provide security to the web and database server.

Operating System Panels : We use OS control panel to manage Linux server.

Third party Software Installation : We provide third party software installation.


Server security

Firstly, install the Fail2ban and then provide public key authentication.

After authenticating test the New User and enable Sudo.

After testing, lock down SSL and Set up a firewall.

In fourth step, we will Enable Automatic Security Updates.

Finally, install Logwatch to keep an eye on things.

OS control panels

We use CPanel to manage the Linux server.

We can easily manage our website and web hosting account with the help of CPanel.

Using CPanel we can control various aspects and administration of our website through a standard web browser.

We can create database , setup email account and manage website with the help of CPanel.


Why we

We setup server and provide security to the web and database server.

Our development team evaluates your online business objectives and offers 100% unique solutions tailored to meet your exact website requirements.

We guarantee customer satisfaction with 24X7 availability through seamless communication channels.

We manage the server with the help of an OS control panel , i.e. , CPanel.

We believe in making relation with customer which are based on trust.